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This Probably Won’t End Well

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One of my favorite races of the Ohio Challenge Series is the Jackson Glow Run 5K.  It is one of the few races put on in Jackson Township (where my wonderful being hails from).  It is put on by the Jackson CC Team and journeys through my ye olde stomping grounds down Fulton, into Carrington (for the dreaded windsucker hill), across into the allotment behind the North Park, and finally jaunts around the running track of the park into the finish.


The race starts with a firework display send-off and takes place at night, where the course is lit by luminaries.  I used to run that course everyday as a young high school hellion on the JHS Soccer Team.  Granted, I probably ran it MUCH slower because I totally HATED TEH LONG DISTANZ RUNNING PLOX OMG KILL ME NOW which semi reminds me of that one time that I attempted to try out for the long distance track team (it lasted all of 2 weeks).


Last year (and this year’s) race will be in memory of Stephen Scott Fenstemaker II, who was a really good friend of my brother’s that passed away in a tragic automobile accident.   My brother was in the car with him at the time of the accident.  It is still a night that I hate to remember, and I grieve for The Fenstemakers even though 2 years have now passed.  Speaking of which, Stephen’s family will be putting on their own 5K this year to benefit his memorial fund.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider signing up.  As October 20 draws closer, I will likely start bugging all my running friends to register.

Anyways, as much as I love running the Glow Run, I am not totally stoked for the projected forecast.


Holy balls in the Sahara, that is hot.  Eli no likey da hottie.  So in preparation for my impending doom of a sweatfest, I decided I might as well run in ball exploding heat today.Image

Oh what’s that?  A heat advisory?  I thumb my nose at such things.


Pre-Run I am super excited to be wearing a tank top that lets the world know my name is “Eli”.  But only if they are behind me.  Eating my super fast dust.


Post-Run slightly sweaty and disgruntled that an 8:30 paced 3 mile run (my easyish pace) felt like a death march through the burning fires of Hell.

Sooooo…Friday probably won’t end well.  But I’ll be damned sure I have fun melting into a pile of runner Gu Subway slush!


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