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Melting Runners

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Oh wait, that’s the reason I hate running in the summer.  It took a while to have a running temp of 70 degrees with 80% humidity at 6:30 AM, but we have officially hit that mark in which my body feels like it’s going through the bowels of all hell and wants to reject every object I ever ate in my lifetime.  


Thus, the reason I give my mother and every other runner that is in some way, shape, or form running the Canton Marathon (full, half, relay, or 10K) major props in their quest tomorrow.  Because lord knows I hate being a melted runner.  Thus, a partial reason I have not selected to run in my inaugural hometown event (there will be other years for this, and I am sure I will participate at some point).  

Also, the major reason for this…it is Mike and my FIRST ANNIVERSARY 🙂  Monday is officially the actual date (June 18) but I am so excited to celebrate with my best friend our first year of being “one”.  This past year has flown by, with many ups and downs (mostly ups!).  We have grown closer in every way, and I would not trade the past year for anything in the world.  He surrounds me with love everyday, and supports all of my endeavors both professional, personal, and running related.  So here’s to you, babe.  I love you so much.




One thought on “Melting Runners

  1. I love that jumping picture! Will have to remember it for Jessica SoonToBe’s Wedding

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