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Race Recap: National Running Day 5 Mile

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Cue: Impromptu racing at its finest.

About a week before National Running Day (June 6), I figured out that the Toledo area was actually having a race.  I was so excited when I read “tech shirt if pre-registered” and then turned sad when I also read “…by May 25”.  So, no race swag was to be had at this one.

Second Sole of Perrysburg threw together this race at International Park along the East side of the river in Toledo.  The course was a 2 lap course of the bike path.  The race started at 6:45 PM and it was hot as balls out.  When we left our escape on the lake, the temperature was 70 degrees.  When we reached Toledo, it read 78 degrees.  Now, I understand that hot as balls is usually not achieved until the >80 degree range.  However, with no shade and the Made in China internal thermostat that is my body, it felt HOT AS ALL HELLISH BALLS OUT.

So, my sports bra made its 2012 season debut.  Yay.


There were around 100 participants in the race.  All the women lined up around me looked like they meant business. Crap. My goal was to run even 8:00 pace for a good, tempo run.  Prior to the gun sounding, the race director stated “Please wave high to the bums drinking beer behind McDonald’s.  Remember, this is a two lap course, so do not be mean to them on your first lap”.  Classic Toledo.

The gun sounded and we were off.  I felt freaking fantastic.  Who was feeling the residual effects of a 2 race and 8 mile long run weekend?  Not me!

Mile 1–7:24  (whoops, way too fast)

I purposely slowed things down since Mike was running with me and sounded like he was now proceeding to have an asthma/allergy attack.

Mile 2–8:10

Much better.  Entirely slow progressive hill occurred at both Mile 2 and Mile 3.

Mile 3–8:05

My legs started to feel the effects of my previous weekend of adventures in the running world.  “You are dumb” they said to me.  “I may be dumb, but you guys are 2 miles from the finish line and if we stop now, the bums behind McDonald’s will probably not give you beer”.

Mile 4–8:08

I was joined by a 63 year old man who said, “C’mon now, don’t let a 63 year old man beat you”.  Way to kick an Eli while she’s tired.  If I had balls, they would have been kicked.  I was hot.  I was melting in the heat.  My legs were tired.  And my stomach was regretting the 4 cups of coffee I had drank that day.  However, I figured this well intentioned man could not read my obvious plight with my loaded response: “I’ll try to keep up”.

Mile 5–8:03

Spoiler: I failed to keep up with him.  #EliFailSauce.

Final Stats:
Course measured long at 5.06 miles.  Pace per Garmin (7:57/mile)  Great Success!

Also, apparently I am now 22 years old and have managed to find a major fountain of youth.  But the way my running is coming along, maybe I am feeling more 22 than my ever so mature *cough cough* age of 27.



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