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I <3 400's

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I have come to the official conclusion that speed training is effective *cue everyone saying DUHHHH*.  However, I am not a fan of the feeling of sheer nausea that overwhelms my body when attempting to do said speed work. Vomit anyone?  No please.

So I was rather proud of myself that today I succeeded in:
1) Running 10×400 repeats at 7:00/mile pace (aka my goal 5K pace)
2) Performed said repeats with only 1 minute of “rest” in between
3) Did not toss my morning bagel, coffee, and rice cakes onto the treadmill deck
4) Performed speed work on the DREADmill.  I don’t care if people say running on a treadmill is easier.  The one I run on is not.  It is old.  It is total 100% JANK.  I would rather run outside or on a track any day.
5) I completed 5.5 miles including warm-up and cool-down.  Then promptly ran 2 miles later on as a “shake-out” run.
6) My knee behaved like a good girl should even if it was only because I patellar strapped the hell out of it.

So therefore, I have also decided, my favorite speed workout is 400’s.  Because they are hard enough to make my legs turn into turd-piles, but also short enough that my food stays in its digestive track.

Happy and Feisty Eli, rejoice!


Happy Running!


One thought on “I <3 400's

  1. Hi! I get to see you this weekend and that makes me a happy girl. Now if I can just get better so we can run together that would be awesome!

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