Running Through a Fulfilled Life

MRI *drumroll please*…


MRI was completed yesterday and it revealed the following things:
1) I suck at life
2) I have a partial sprain of the MCL
3) My long battle with a crunchy kneecap is confirmed: I do have chondromalacia!
4) There is some fraying of the posterior horn of my medial meniscus
5) My ACL surgery is kind of a giant ho bag since all the metallic instruments and hardware used obscured any kind of quality imaging.  Slut.  Dirty dirty ACL slut nugget.

So what does this all mean?
I was instructed that this does not mean surgery.  I need to let the sprain heal.  And that means continuing to baby the knee.  I am going to try out some Flector patches to hopefully calm the inflammation down.  And basically, after that, it is the whole “wait and see” game.  So unfortunately, that means Mr. Lumpy…who is apparently Mr. Lumpy the bastard child of Ms. MCL…is here to stay for the time being.


Eli Sads.



2 thoughts on “MRI *drumroll please*…

  1. I am sads too! I want you to run and I want to run and I want us to run together in perfect harmony. or something like that. Spoiler alert, I am not running the marathon on Sunday 😦 I’ll make an official announcement soon. aka, need to find a way to blog about it.

    • I want us to run in perfect running harmony again too…I had so much fun when we went running. Maybe that’s the problem, no Eli+Jess running=No running for either Eli or Jess. I am so bummed for you! Don’t be discouraged…I know when you are good and healthy you will hit your Sub 3:30 goal. You are a BAMF after all!

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