Running Through a Fulfilled Life

I Will Make it Through

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Still no insurance approval for an MRI.  Still playing the waiting game.  But in the mean time and in between time, I have figured out a way to run through this.  I am taking things easy, cutting back on overall mileage, intensity, and volume…but I can still run until things are figured out.  I have been wearing a patellar tendon strap, which applies the right amount of compression over my bump which I have so fondly named “Mr. Lumpy”. 

I was able to run a 5K this morning.  The Mercy Health Run 5K.  The strap popped off when I took my first step after “Runners to your mark…GO!”.  Had I tried to pick up and put it back on, I most certainly would have been trampled.  So I ran without.  And took it easy.  I felt like I could have pushed much harder.  Every downhill and turn was done carefully; I listened to each instance of pain more than I even listened to my body’s perceived exertion.


I was able to turn in a 23:40.  I will take it.  I will definitely take it when 2 weeks ago I was convinced that I was going to become a cyclist.  I finished 1st in my age group.  And the course measured .1 miles long.  So technically a 7:38 pace becomes a 7:27 pace.  Right where I was before “the INJURY”.  If anything, it was nice to be wearing a smile on my face…while wearing running clothes…and losing myself to the run.  I look forward to days when I have a healthier knee because I can certainly say, PR’s will fall this season.  Even if it is not until the Fall, PR’s will definitely “fall” (tee hee, pun).




Happy Mother’s Day to the Best Mother in the World who can still bust out some pretty fast 5K’s in celebratory fashion…And to the Best Mother in Law in the World!  And to all the Mom’s out there…thanks for doing what you do.  It may go unappreciated at time, but it really does make all the difference in a child’s life.


Happy Running!


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