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Race Recap: Glass City Half Marathon (Late for the PR Party)



I have really been avoiding writing up this recap.  If the title doesn’t give it away, Glass City didn’t quite go as planned.  I got my invitation to the PR Party and then apparently decided to spit on it, put it in a giant puddle, and stomp on it with my Asics.  Blargh.  My fate was sealed even before the race began.  Mental attitude is truly half the battle, and mine was down the shitter.  However, I choose to use every race as a learning experience.  And this race is no exception.  With every negative, there is in turn a positive lurking.

–Battling major head cold that caused coughing spells every half mile
–3 hours of sleep the night before race due to parental snoring and a bitch of a mattress
–1 bathroom to share amongst 3 adults running Glass City.  Needless to say, Eli didn’t make the magic happen prior to the race.  And if you don’t know what “the magic” means, think really hard.

–Battled stomach issues the entire race but all the port-o-john lines were too long to stop
–Due to said stomach issues, I was not able to take a single Shot Block or sip of water for fear that “the magic” would happen at an inopportune time
–Was seeing pretty black circles by the time I crossed the finish line.

–I finished my SEVENTH half marathon…woo hoo!
–For all of my cramping stomach, cramping calf, and cramping hamstring…I didn’t, repeat DIDN’T give in to the urge to stop at a port-o-john or stop running.  I never walked.  This is honestly the first half I have not walked a step during.
–I only finished 1 minute behind my PR
–I got some pretty cool race swag
–I was able to maintain goal race pace through Mile 8 until the stomach issues really started
–I got to run through my alma mater school and city…and relive my college days 🙂
–I got to hang with one of my BFF’s from college
Photo Courtesy of Michael Mason Photo, Inc. 

And with that, I am done with my disappointment.  I am happy that I was able to gut check it (literally) through some pretty gnarly stomach cramps and finish in 1:53:48 (8:41/mile)
The Splits:
Mile 1–8:46 (very congested start as I didn’t line myself in the correct spot–my bad)
Mile 2–8:32 (started trying to make up lost time)
Mile 3–8:13 (really worried that my terrible math skills and lining up behind the 3:50 pacer instead of the 3:40 pacer was gonna ruin me–IT DID)
Mile 4–8:15
Mile 5–8:26
Mile 6–8:25
Mile 7–8:28
Mile 8–8:31
Mile 9–8:47 (where spontaneous combustion began)
Mile 10–8:50

Photo Courtesy of Michael Mason Photo, Inc

Mile 11–8:48
Mile 12–8:49
Mile 13–8:35 (tried to pick it up when i realized mathematically I was sucking)
Mile 0.3–8:17



Also discovered I suck at cutting tangents!  Technically I PR’d if you subtract the extra 0.2 miles I ran!! (Garmin read:  8:34/mile)

Pictures of my Parents (PS How cute are they?!  And how much do they love me to let me convince them to do a half marathon?!)

Momma M finished in 1:58:29 (3rd Place Age Group 55-59)


Daddy M finished in 2:28:10 which is pretty fast for race walking!

Longest Post Ever…Now onto getting motivated to crush some PR’s this season and use this race as the fuel for my desire to run.



2 thoughts on “Race Recap: Glass City Half Marathon (Late for the PR Party)

  1. Love the black and white photos. Your parents are the cutest. When’s our next race?

  2. Awesome shots, they really had fun. Congratulations to all the participants for a great job well done and looking forward for more updates. Thanks for sharing this to us, such an inspiration post.

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