Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Doing the Garmin Dance

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Oh Garmin 305,

How I both love and loathe you.

You make my runs so complete.

With all your endless data, workouts, and loud beeps.

Giving me mini-crises throughout my run,

When I look down and see Mile Pace: 10:01.

My asthmatic breathing seems to argue against,

your so-called Satellite precision mess.

But for once, dear lord, could you cut me some slack

When I turn you on, you don’t do jack.

“Satellites Loading…”

For what seems like hours.

Especially if it’s overcast or showers.

So I stand around, pacing up and down my sidewalk.

Looking like a complete idiot for all to gawk.

And then like *MAGIC* **poof!** you decide to work.

But for a good 10 minutes, you really made me feel like a jerk.

So until my stupid feet can learn to keep a pace by chance,

I will be stuck doing the Garmin Dance.

Womp. Womp.



And in other news, I can’t shake this stupid cold thing, I am going to be the most pissed Eli in the entire world.  To train for something so hard and then have a taper run of 2 miles make you feel like you are dying of acute onset asthma with coinciding bronchitis can’t bode well for the confidence-o-meter.  Glass City, well played.  But I still will have my date with you.  And we will do the Paso Doble like Donald Driver dance battling the devil.  Ho.

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd Paso Doble 01 2012 04 09


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