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Fair Housing Contact Service 5K


This past Saturday, I chose to run the Fair Housing Contact Service 5K.   I figured it was time to get a Subway Challenge Series race under my belt.  I know this year it will be hard to get all my races in PLUS maximize my points.  Guess this just means I need to be ON POINT, ALL THE TIME…SON.

The race was billed to be a lovely 5K jaunt along the Towpath Trail through Akron.  Or the A-K Rowdy, Summit County as it is often and fondly referred to.  We got there plenty early, and thank goodness too because T-Rex Tom decided to get lost for a good 10 minutes.  Somehow it is so hard to find a trailhead.  Or maybe just when men are driving 🙂

Nevertheless, we got there.  My wonderful husband decided to run this one with me.  So we did a quick warm-up mile and stretched it out.  We lined up about 5 minutes prior to the race.  We agreed we would run the race together.  Which the meaning of this phrase was lost in translation as somehow I thought this meant “you stick to my pace no matter what” and he thought I meant “I just want to take this race easy”.

Gun goes off.  I assess my surroundings…there are only 75 runners-ish.  Thought to self: I totally got this.

Not so much.  This was the first inaugural race for the Brooks Pure Flow.  So I pushed it.  Driving off the toes of my feet as hard as I could.  Much of this mile was downhill.  I sat in 3rd place overall.

Mile 1—7:07

After killing myself and kicking myself for my terrible pacing strategy, I reigned it back in for my usual 5K pace.  I sat in 4th place overall.

Mile 2—7:35

That’s when the Towpath decided to be very un-Towpath like and lead us through winding hills across wooden bridges.  I cursed the bridges under my breath.  I also cursed the large women walking 3 across who couldn’t seem to fathom that a race could be happening. Out of my way, wayward walkers!

Mile 3—7:45 (wtf eli.  pace properly please.)

Ugh…there’s the finish line!  Must…run…harder…where the hell did that girl come from?  if she can run that fast at the finish she should have been running harder the entire time.  5th place overall.

Last 0.1—7:10

That’s totally me in the all black with capri’s.  They couldn’t even take a proper Race Picture of me…geez!

Final Finish: 23:09 (7:28/mile pace)   5th Female Overall,  1st in Age Group 25-29  Not my best 5K , yet definitely not my worst.  Only 12 seconds from my PR.  I’ll definitely take that this early in the season.

Pro’s:  Towpath surface, Rice Chips and Gatorade for post-race food, Inaugural Pure Flow Race, Now Infamous Race Picture of my Husband (he is not the Ridiculously Photogenic Runner)

Con’s:  NO AGE GROUP AWARDS EVEN THOUGH IT WAS ADVERTISED AS SUCH, Bus broke down in order to provide transportation back to the start so I got a nice ride in some random dudes Ford Flex

Happy Running!


2 thoughts on “Fair Housing Contact Service 5K

  1. Wait did you beat the Hubs?
    Also my 5k’s go like that. Start out fast and think I am awesome and then by mile 3 I am like WTF slow poke

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