Running Through a Fulfilled Life

The Calm Before the Storm…of Running


T-minus 2.5 weeks until the Glass City Half Marathon!

AKA my “goal” race for the spring!
I am getting so excited for it.  I keep questioning whether my training has totally prepared me for the morning of April 22.  Did I do enough speedwork?  Did I do enough long runs?  Did I do enough tempo runs?  Is my stomach going to be lame?  Will my feet feel like cement blocks?  Will it rain?  Will I get lost in Wildwood?  What color is the sky?  Who am I?

Only the true answer to those questions and my crazy questions will happen April 22.  And I am both excited and peeing my pants nervous to find out.  Until then, my racing bug will be kept at bay by participating in a 5K this weekend.  It will be nice to see where my overall speed is at…probably will not even be close to a PR but…  Fair Housing Contact Service 5K here I come!

Happy Running!


2 thoughts on “The Calm Before the Storm…of Running

  1. When you run Glass City all you need to say is “I wanna PR , I wanna PR I wanna PR”. Over and over and over until you finish and PR! It’s so easy. Easy Peasy

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