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The Reason Why the Majority of My Wardrobe is Running Clothes


I was super psyched today.  “Why?” you may be finding yourself asking.  Well, since this is my birth month and in particular my birth week, I got a fat “free” $10 to spend at Kohl’s in addition to hitting the Kohl’s JACKPOT by pulling off a 30% coupon from my circular.

I decided “hey, I’ll attempt to purchase a new, cute, sexy outfit that I can wear out for my actual birthday celebration”.  That thought, in itself, was a complete fail.

A few things you must know about me:
1.  I am shaped like a 12 year old boy.  I have no hips.  I have no butt.   I am like a stick figure with pigtails.
2.  My shoulders have the mobility of a 70 year old with impingement.  They should never consider joining the circus, because they would probably get stuck hanging out with the elephants.
3.  I still shop in the junior’s department, because quite frankly women’s clothes still don’t fit my lack of shapeliness.  An XS is too big on me.  I should be in petites but my beastly height prevents that.  I also shop in junior’s because I appreciate a good vibrant pink, sparkle, glitter, or skinny jean here and there.  And I am also afraid that the women’s department means I am officially old and not as young as I think I am.

With that being said, I tried on several cute tops.  Size: Small.  Sadly, Eli came unprepared and did not have her camera.  To capture the sheer horror.

IZ Byer California Ruffled Top

This was the top I attempted to try on.  Cute right?

Anyways, I successfully navigated the top and got it on me.  I was only like: “Meh”.  So I started trying to take it off.  AND I COULDN’T.  The top was stuck.  Due to my lack of shoulder mobility I was struggling.  I was sweating.  And I was panicking.

No one wants to buy a shirt that they have somehow managed to do this to and then proceed to have to walk out the store looking like this

Similar to how I looked and felt, minus the whole being a 4 year old child

So instead I settled for the most stretchy of shirts I could find made of only the finest materials of spandex and rayon.

Wrapper Crochet Batwing Top

Thus making me realize, the main reason I enjoy using my running clothes as also my casual clothes, is comfort.  you mean it’s not ok to wear a wicking shirt while enjoying a casual night of Wii with your brother and sister-in-law?

CRAP.  I just realized I’m headed for “What Not to Wear”. Now I’m off to find the hidden camera.

Happy Running!


4 thoughts on “The Reason Why the Majority of My Wardrobe is Running Clothes

  1. I shop in the juniors department as well for all of the same reasons. ANd so happy that you are sporting wicking shirt and jeans. I am convinced this will be an awesome fashion of the future. I wear it all the time. Kind of embarrasing to be around me sometimes

  2. I shop in Jr’s because they have more short sizes in pants for me!
    Plus their clothes are much cuter sometimes.

    I wear my ‘running’ gear all the time….no shame here!

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