Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Once Upon an SI Joint


Once upon a time, Eli decided to do a spinning class as a form of “cross training”.  For some reason, this “cross training” concept is a popular form of preventing a catastrophe referred to as injury.   Wanting to ward off the evil spirits of injury, Eli decided to spin to her little heart’s content.  Often throwing a jump or hover into the mix.  This particular spin class was extra fatiguing and the hovers seemed to last forever.  Or maybe Eli’s quadriceps muscle group (common name: quad, runners lack them, they hurt like a mother when sore)  were just deciding to be a particular beeyotch  or drink their share of wussy juice that day.  Whatever the matter, her back became rather sore.

While eating pizza at home after class, her back finally shouted “enough you sadistic masochistic chick! I’ll show you! You’ll be sorry you ever tried to cross train me!”  At which point her back (who we may refer to as Sacro-Lily-Ac as this is the name that the general population mispronounces it)  decided to pop.  Causing Eli to scream.  And not be able to move.

Sacro-Lily  decided to be a pain in the butt for the next year.  Until Eli decided to therapeutize it’s nasty ass.  After being “rolfed” and “skin rolled” until her PSIS was generally a shade of blue/purple, Sacro-Lily finally went back into her rightful place.

Or so we though…

Sacro-Lily decided to pop out again on Saturday.  Whilst Eli was consuming liquid pineapple upside down cake (don’t ask).  Liquid pineapple upside down cake often causes Eli to let her mental guard and defenses down.  Sacro-Lily made it near impossible to roll over, sit, stand, lift, walk, or even daresay run.  Every running step resulted in a terrible catch and stab of back pain.  Each…and…every…step.  

Little did Sacro-Lily know, but Eli became smart since her last battle.  Eli got licensed as a Physical Therapist (or terrorist or torturist as her clientele often refers to her as) and got lots of Physical Therapist friends. Instead of waiting for another year of terrible back pain to pass, said Physical Therapist friends fixed her and punched Sacro-Lily back where she belongs.

For now…

But until the next time she attempts to rear her ugly head, Sacro-Lily will stay in her rightful place and guide Eli to victory at the Glass City Half Marathon.  A victory that would not be possible without the help of a well-skilled Physical Therapist.  And with that, they all lived happily ever after.  With or without a tasteful tshirt.Image

So say thanks to your physical therapist!  They get stuff done!

Happy Running!


2 thoughts on “Once Upon an SI Joint

  1. Can I borrow that umm “outfit”? SO sexy. Better yed, wear it for the Glass City Half!!!!!
    Umm I love spinning btw…when I actually show up.

    • i wish i had bought it…boobies in the front, badonk in the back. and i love spinning too…especially when i go to it. sadly that has not happened for a year.

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