Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Proof I Do Spur of the Moment Racing


Non-Official Finish: 22:19 for 2.9 miles (7:39 pace)
+7 miles earlier in day at 8:24 pace
+running with a husband that was determined to not let erratic jogging strollers or asthmatic 8 year olds beat us
+winning Adidas headbands
+having your husband start running backwards to yell at you to run faster
+having a super nice 60+ year old man yell at you “honey you can’t let me beat you, run faster” and then pace you to the finish
=super fantastic awesomesauce kind of Leap Day 2012 


5 thoughts on “Proof I Do Spur of the Moment Racing

  1. Aw. Old running guys are so cute and often so fast!

  2. I should have driven there for this race!!!! What was I thinking!!!!! ANy other weekday races?

    • i will let you know next time a weekday race comes up! i ALWAYS do them 🙂 i like breaking up my weekday monotony

    • there is one that is middle of august in fremont that i have been wanting to do…it’s called the “mystery run” and you don’t know the distance until they draw it out of a hat 20 minutes prior to the start!

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