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A Hodge Podge Weekend

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So, last week I finally caved and bought new running shoes (Nimbus 12’s).  They finally came last week, and I literally drooled over their existence for 5 minutes.  Then I decided to take them out on their inaugural run; a christening of sorts.  3 miles in 24:00 later, I was kicking myself for not switching sooner.

Now I own every color of Nimbus 12'my life is complete

My current shoes are only slightly worn out

Where was my funky foot pain?  I had partially convinced myself that I had a stress fracture or neuroma forming on the base of my foot (that’s the hypo-chondriac physical therapist in me overanalyzing everything again).  It was like heaven breathed on my feet, swaddling them in a million blankets of wonderful Gel.  I am pretty sure my feet smiled.

On Saturday I got to run my very first training run with one of my best college buddies, Jess, in the Cleveland Metroparks.  It really put my North Coast “favorite training places” to shame.  But that’s probably because my favorite training places include the following:
1) Running 0.9 mile circles around a condo complex
2)  A jacked up treadmill at my clinic
3) A park that after August requires you to swallow at least 1,000 bugs per hour run
4) A bike path to Nowheresville, Ohio that has zero restroom facilities and at the same time infinite restroom facilities when I can choose my own cornstalk.

Nonetheless, the run was so epic that we totally forgot to take pictures or even document it.  6 miles chock full of Lake Erie wind and a gabfest of catching up will do that to you.  I can’t wait until we can do it again!

Since I don't have a picture of our epic run, this picture can sub in. Another epic time, just involving a bachelorette party and crazy dance skills.

Sunday led me to Downtown Cleveland for a Free Cavaliers Game.  *helpful hint always become fans/friends of your favorite products, sports team, and cheeses online as they will often reward you with free shiz*   The Cavs decided to win.  I had amazing company complete with Wolfpack.  I munched on the best Buffalo Mac N’ Cheese ever.  And Mike rejected a homeless man that only wanted beer.  All in all, epicness was contagious.

He loves the Cavs

Having a No Pants Party

Yeah we were pretty close to the court...thanks Cavs Promotions!

I need to work on my self-portrait in point, my camera angle is making me and hubs have huge chins. Leno style.

I plan to continue to rock being epic the rest of this week.  A little over 8 weeks until Glass City Half Marathon i’m going to kick the living crap out of this stupid race if it takes me crawling across the finish line bleeding with Gu’s dripping out my mouth like a zombie total awesomeness ensues….

Happy Running!  And “happy running” means enjoy your run.  Don’t make anyone think less of their abilities to run a few steps, a mile, a 5K, 10K, half, or full whether it be on the road, on trails, in the snow, in the mud, or through a giant vat of macaroni and cheese.  grow up and rejoice in the human gift that is the ability to put one foot in front of another and do it fast enough that you no longer can maintain one leg in stance.  because that, my friends, is the definition of RUNNING.


One thought on “A Hodge Podge Weekend

  1. Love this post. We did forget to take pics on Saturday. I mean you can’t possibly have enough sweaty pics of me 🙂 Maybe we can make you a hat with a net over the head so you can run through “bug city park”.
    Also love ” i’m going to kick the living crap out of this stupid race if it takes me crawling across the finish line bleeding with Gu’s dripping out my mouth like a zombie total awesomeness ensues….”
    the end should be ,……and then drink beers with Jess!

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