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I have a shoe problem


So I finally caved.

My feet are drooling...or wait, is that just a blister popping?

My feet and knees had enough of my last pair of trusted Asics Gel-Nimbus 12’s.  So I caved and finally purchased a new pair.  Of the same shoe.  This will make my 3rd pair of Nimbus 12’s in a little over a year.  I may or may not be having a love affair with this shoe.  It’s like my security blanket for my feet.  My thoughts are: when something works, why fix it?

However, I do have a gift certificate to Second Sole that is burning a hole in my pocket.  I am planning on purchasing a pair of racing flats so that I can rotate shoes and use the flats specifically for races and the Nimbus for training runs (hopefully extending their life).  My question is, which of these shoes should I choose? If money were no object and I was planning on Forrest Gumping it for several years, I would have them all.  Yes, I really do have a running shoe infatuation.  Some ladies love heels, flats, etc.  I just really love me some athletic footwear.
1)  Asics Gel-Blur 33

2) Brooks Pure Flow

3) New Balance 890

thoughts? input? cheese?

Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Running! 


6 thoughts on “I have a shoe problem

  1. If you try the brooks let me know what you thinkg. I am very curious about those shoes. Also, yes to the cheese. Oh and I am in love with the Nike Lunar whatever shoes. So light and stylish. Weird to use the word stylish when talking about running

    • i always talk stylish when i’m talking about running…and i will let you know, next time i am down in canton i am planning on trying all of them on and running around second sole until i can make a decision. the only nike’s i have done recently were pegasus. nike has so many lunar products its ridiculous! i know mike is a fan of them too.

  2. I have 3 pairs of the same asics shoe, if it works I’m not going to try and fix it. Until they discontinue my shoe I am not switching!!

  3. I’m on my second pair of the Pure Flow, so I obviously dig ’em. I can’t put them up against a whole lot since the only other shoe in which I’ve run is the Ghost 4. I did try on a Saucony Kinvara before buying my second pair for Pure Flows, since it’s their most similar shoe. Pure Flow is way more comfortable. I think it’s pretty close to a zero-drop and it takes some getting used to the heel, just because it’s kinda weird initially. However, I love running in them. I recommend them!

    • my mom wears the kinvaras and had recommended them but i am all about comfort…i definitely am planning on trying the pure flows, they sound perfect! i need something more lightweight than my normal training shoes

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