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Race Recap: Blizzard Breakfast


This past Saturday I decided my racing hiatus needed to end.  I hadn’t run a race since the Eastside Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, and it was really starting to nag at me.  Racing keeps me honest with my training and it keeps me motivated.  Without having a race to look forward to, I tend to not “push” myself or keep my sights set on my goals.  Thus, the Blizzard Breakfast became my target.

This was the first “Prediction Run” I have ever done.  Basically, you pick your distance, estimate your finish time, and run without a watch or ever knowing where you are on the course.

No Garmin=Sad Eli.

I selected the 7 Mile option and predicted at 58:45 which broke down to a 8:23 per mile pace (to simulate Glass City anticipated pace).  Hindsight is always 20/20 because had I known the course would be pancake flat, I probably would have changed my prediction.

The Course:  Double loop course (3.5 miles) around Perrysburg.  Mostly residential through neighborhoods.  Flat as a pancake, minus 1 incline (wouldn’t even give it the honor of calling it a hill).  Minimal crowd support.  1 water stop that we hit 4 times.  Great turnout for being a race-day sign-up race only (>200 runners).

How I Felt:  I never felt horrible.  I felt comfortable at my pace, leading me to think I probably ran only a little faster than my projection.  I felt like I had a ton left in the tank and probably could have pushed it much harder.

Fun Random Happenings:
1) Confusion–during my pre-race pit stop, I listened to a woman grunt ALOT and when I came out of my stall, she felt the need to tell me “wow, I really had to PEE!”.  Sure you did, lady.
2) A 50-something year old man wearing Vibrams who I was beating by over a quarter mile, magically started beating me around the 5 mile mark.  Can we say cheater?!  I saw him cut off about a half mile and when I finally passed him the second time he laughed, saying “Haha! I cheated!”  Why brag about that?  Just follow the rules, respect your fellow hard-working non-cheating runners.

The Result:  Ummm…remind me never to predict my pace again.  Although if predicting makes me run fast, I’ll take it.  I finished in 55:55.00 (7:59/mile pace)!! Holy balls, I’m getting faster!  Can we say I totally needed this motivation?!  Can I say holy balls again? Yes! Balls!

I have been making running look perfectly effortless like I’m only leaning sideways not even running whatsoever since 1985.

Happy Running!

P.S.  Today Mike got the last of his stitches out.  He is nearly mended now!  I am sure he will wind up with some scarring, but I am excited that he can finally return to working out, running with his totally awesome wife, and playing soccer again.  Life, as I know it, is finally  getting back to normal.  Thank goodness.


2 thoughts on “Race Recap: Blizzard Breakfast

  1. I love that you have perfected the effort running look aka leaning sideways. My look is more like poor crippled walking form.

    • you need to get on my level. i do believe mike even captured your “half running/half walking” running form during stomp the grapes. the look was completed with your angry side eye glance. 🙂 darn those hills

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