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Sunburn is Possible in February

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I am pretty sure there has to be some of sort of thing as “global warming” due to how mild this winter has been.  As long as the ice caps don’t totally melt causing global flooding, I am ok with it and its influence on my outdoor running.  Believe me, I don’t argue when Blizzard Bill Spencer tells me it’s going to be nearly 50 degrees out in Northern Ohio on a Wednesday in February.  Inside I think: “Yahoo! I can show off my extremely pasty white legs to the whole world so they can vomit at the sight of them in shorts again weather!”

Case in point:  my legs and stomach during a June Race.  Usually by June most people have a brownish hue to their skin.  Not me.

Anyways, I decided to be extra motivated today with my long-ish run.  Since I am planning on running the Blizzard Breakfast 7 mile Prediction run this Saturday, I decided against just running a 9 mile run.  Instead, I decided to run with my Garmin (love of my life) but not look at it in order to simulate not knowing my pace.

I don’t know if it was the fact that:
1) I was wearing a long sleeve shirt with my shorts for God knows what reason (it was 50 degrees out)
2) My right foot was screaming “ow ow buy some new shoes you freaking idiot”
3) there was mud seeping through to my socks causing an unpleasant sensation from my brilliant idea to run through the grass
4) my mantra of: “the sooner you finish this, the less likely you are to have inevitable sunburn”

But…somehow when I got home, I was horrified/disgusted to discover my Garmin read the following:

No wonder my face was probably resembling a melting blob of chocolate.

FYI: this is what melted face looks like

My splits were even more horrifying:

I am completely offended with myself now.  Where did this disgusting pace come from?  I never train this fast, nor do I particularly enjoy making my face melt.  Oh well, guess I just needed some warm weather to jump start my speed.

Only problem is, I was going to predict my finish time to be around 58:40.  Now, I am not so sure.  Help please!! What should my goal time be for this Saturday’s race??

Happy Running!


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