Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Remembering to Breathe


**disclaimer notice: this entry may be slightly emo, slightly sad, and contain a lot of reflection/analysis as opposed to my typical style of sarcastic, running related content**

remember to breathe. and everything will be ok.

some days don’t go as planned.  some days start out as ordinary days.  some days wind up changing you whether you want them to or not.  and today was one of those days.

my hubby was travelling to Canton this morning as he was supposed be leaving for a road trip with his professional soccer team.  i kissed him goodbye, told him to be safe, and told him to keep me posted as the weather was less than wonderful.  in fact, it was a downright awful mess of slushy, slippery snow (darn living off Lake Erie).

i drank my coffee, just as i do every morning.  got dressed just as i do every morning.  drove to work just as i do every morning.  got my charts in order and ready just as i do every morning.  and then i got a phone call from my mother-in-law.  and one right after from my brother-in-law.  this was not typical for my mornings.  so, slightly concerned, i answered.  mike was in a car accident.  he got hit by a semi.  for a brief second, my world came tumbling down.  i imagined every possible horrible thing that loaded statement could contain.  i broke down in front of my co-workers.  stuff like that doesn’t happen to us, we are unbreakable, we are united, we are best friends, we are each others beginning and end and everything in between.

then mike called.  he was frantic, he stated he was in an accident and was bleeding but had to go because the police were showing up.  again, i broke down.  where was he bleeding from?  what was going on?  uncertainty clearly is the 2nd worst thing in the world; playing mind games with yourself being the 1st.

i soon found out he was taken to the hospital.  he was lucky.  he was able to climb out of his car through his shattered window.  he was covered in blood, but all wounds were superficial.  only 2 spots required stitches.

my husband is the strongest person i know.  i have to believe he was being watched over.  i just have to.  i need mike around more than he will ever know.  seeing him so vulnerable was gut-wrenching and broke my heart.  but at the same time, i am so thankful that he is ok.

I just want to end by thanking everyone for their prayers.  prayer is a strong, if not the strongest act a person can do.  mike is going to be fine.  i am going to be fine.  but life, as we know it, has changed in a way.  i can’t put my finger on it, but i know each and every moment i cherish with my husband will hold new and special meaning.



8 thoughts on “Remembering to Breathe

  1. Definitely made me cry reading this post. I love you both so much and can’t wait to give Mike a big big hug when I see hin

  2. That is very nice Eli. And yes God definitely had his hand on him the whole time, and we are all thankful for that. It was kind of scary hearing Mike on the phone because I had never heard him so humble. I am not going to lie, when I got the text message from Ben I literally dropped my phone and had NO IDEA what to expect. He is one of my closest friends and I am not sure what I would have done, had something serious happened. I will just continue to pray for the safety of you all. Now tell Mike to stop being a bitch! HAHA just kidding. God bless you both. #13

    • thanks for all of your love and support. hopefully we can see each other soon and have much happier times as opposed to the craziness of this past weekend. mike plans on manning up soon 🙂

  3. This writing was very nice, Elizabeth. I have Thanked God that Mike is going to be ok. To me this is just a reminder of how precious life is, and short it can be. It has prompted me to try to not take those that are very close to me for granted. Thank You!

  4. Sooooooooooooo very glad that alll is well! I had a “moment” like this, too, when I was about your age. My two year old fell out of the car as I was making a turn. Of course, that was the time before seat belts and not having children in the front seat. However, it all turned out fine for us also, but it changed me forever. It changed my driving habits and especially made me realize how precious and fragile life is. Glad that all is well! Onward and upward!!

    • thanks aunt bonnie for all of your love and support. yes we definitely have had ourselves a “moment” that will change both of us forever. hopefully things can only get better from here on out!

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