Running Through a Fulfilled Life

Frozen Toe-zen


Yesterday marked the completion of my 30 day challenge.  And today marked Day 31 straight.  Now that I have gotten used to running everyday, it was kind of hard to break my typical weekly breakdown.  Wednesdays are my LONG-ish days.  I say LONG-ISH because to me, it’s running long.  To others, it’s the shortest run of their life.  But since The Glass City Half Marathon is April 22, I figure a gentle increase in long run distance seems to be what’s best for my bionic knees.  Bionic knees are my #1 reason to not participate in most activities that I don’t want to participate in.

Run a marathon?  No thanks, I had 2 ACL surgeries already.

Go skiing/snowboard? No thanks, my knees would probably spontaneously combust.

Go ice skating?  No thanks, do you really want to see me collapse in a hot, screaming mess of a person?

Eat mushrooms? I think my knees are allergic to those.

Anyways, so today marked Day #31.  I decided my task at hand was to run 8 solid miles, aiming to keep a somewhat “half-marathonish” pace.

Gotta love a bathroom picture. So totally excited to run outside in 30 degree weather!

So I got all dressed in my most favorite of cold weather gear: My long sleeve Nike DriFit complete with thumb holes.  Placed my earwrap on.  Got my windbreaker out.  Fired up Garmy…and then realized….where in the H E DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS ARE MY GLOVES?  30 degree weather is not friendly to you or your hands if you don’t respect it with gloves.  So, I did what any good runner chick does.  I manned up and ran without my gloves.

Fingers swollen--CHECK! Fingers Red/white---CHECK! Ability to move hand in any direction---FAIL!

After a 20 minute shower and gentle range of motion exercises to my fingercicles, I was finally able to check out my final time and mile splits.

Blazing Speed right there...Blazing speedy paint drying that is...

What I have done today Garmin classifies as a "Slow Run". WTF, my breathing pattern did not declare I was slowly running. Also, the huge spike at the end was when I slowed down to hock a lugey.

Although slightly disheartened that I am only “slowly running” per Garmin’s standards, I must be running fast enough to be creating some friction in my shoes.  Saddened that Nimbus-12’s may have to be retired in the near future.

Rubbing holes through all of the Asics millions of layers of cushioning is my favorite activity. I like when my heel touches pure plastic.

Tomorrow I go for Day #32 of running due to Thursday being doubleheader soccer games.    Girl’s on a mission to score some goals this week!

Happy Running!


6 thoughts on “Frozen Toe-zen

  1. You were CRUISING on that run. You have got a PR in the bag for Glass City. So glad I will be there to witness it!

  2. Um…that is lightning fast compared to my running times!
    I am with you on your to-don’t list because of your knee…I have had 4 surgeries on only my right knee, so I tend to do whatever the knee tells me to. It is is control of this body I guess.

    Since I did 3 half’s last year I decided to try a full….my knee has been good so far, I just hope it keeps it up!

    • it took quite a while to get to that…i started running races 3 years ago but i always jogged before that slowly. somewhere between then and now i figured out how to push through the utter gross anguish of breathing heavy. good luck with your marathon training! may your knee behave!

  3. Running every day?!? Way to go! I’m a 4-5x/week runner. Also, I laughed out loud that Garmin thought 8 min/miles are “slow”. SO absurd.

    I had 1 ACL surgery, almost 10 years ago (whoa that makes me feel old), and it took me a LONG time to trust my knee again. I still don’t ski. But I do run, hike, ice skate, and do whatever else sounds good!

    • oh believe me, once the 30 days was up i made it to 32 in a row and then decided to take a well earned break. maybe then garmin will recognize my super amazing speed. i think they classify 7:00/mile as actual “running”. and don’t feel bad, my surgeries were 9 and 7 years ago!

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