Running Through a Fulfilled Life

I Don’t Break That Easily


Today’s run made for Day #12 of 30 in my 30 Day Challenge.  It took every bit of focus and energy to make it through since:
1) I currently am going hoarse in the throatbox possibly due to yelling at immature, high school douches last night
2) I ran on a treadmill and Mother Nature decided to beam sun rays of demon heat at me.  *I’m not used to running in 75 degree weather anymore!*  I semi-melted.
3) My calves, glutes, hip flexors, and quads are all slightly….nay moderately sore from playing soccer against dudes last night.  For not 1, but 2 games.

Yes.  I, Eli queen of the Asics running shoes and master of no distances, decided to make  my return to the soccer field last night.  I felt like the Rocky theme song should have been montaging me through my warm-up on the field.  I was so not ready to play against all guys.  Especially since all of my old fast-twitch muscles have decided to convert into slow-twitch ones especially made for running in 1 GEAR ONLY.  I am like a reliable plow-horse.  Efficient.  Dependable.  Not flashy.  Last a long time.

Back in my younger days when I was a WORKHORSE known as "The Quiet Storm"

But now I have been reduced to this: a former shadow of my awesomeness. Sucking wind regularly from 5K up to 13.1 miles and loving it.

Except I don’t last a long time when I running around like a maniac trying to tackle grown men that are obviously superior in both strength, agility, and speed.  And also may or may not be giant douches with a complex against having girls be good at anything.  Which is probably why I got punched in the arm last night.  Yeah, classy, I know.  So, yes, if you were wondering, I made it my personal mission to make some of them look stupid.  🙂
I can’t wait for next Thursday.  It’s fun to be competitive at things besides running and Dance Central now and then.


Tomorrow’s plan is for Day #13 to involve 7 miles of outdoor bliss!  I love the slow build-up of distance that leads up to April 22.  Sub 1:51:00 here I come!

Happy Running!


2 thoughts on “I Don’t Break That Easily

  1. You are so going sub 1:51 this year. Sub 1:51 or die…..umm little dramatic, sorry

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