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Ringing in 2012


So, it is now 2012.  Which means it will officially take me about a month before I can correctly date checks and not mess up my PT notes in the clinic.  But it also means a new year with new beginnings.  New resolutions.  New adventures.  New ways to be awesome.   I am fairly confident that I can succeed in all aspects of this. 

1st weekend of the New Year: Great Success.
Friday–Worked 5 hours.  Ran 2.5 miles on the Treadmill.  Hopped in my super sweet Elantra and drove to North Canton for my family’s annual holiday party.

I get all kinds of crazy eyed when at holiday parties. This one occurred with one of my favorite cousins: Heidey

Participated in Feats of Strength:2011 Edition.  Event: Push-ups.  A great test of my poor upper body strength and ability to perform under pressure in a tacky holiday sweater.  I am pretty sure this video proves that I could have cracked walnuts with how hard I was squeezing my cheeks.  And I am sure you know which cheeks I mean.

Push-up Challenge

Saturday: Woke up.  Ran 3 miles with Big K (my mom) and pushed her to run her last 8:15 training mile of 2011.  She totally hated me but also loved me at the same time, but was so short of breath she couldn’t vocalize either.  Drove to Toledo.  Got sassified for NYE 2011.

My sparkly new shoes...I love Charming Charlie!

GQ Style for Hubs for 2012

Attempting to rock: I am Hot for 2012

Final tally for the night:
5–Awesome friends
1–Leopard Print Thong that no one will forget
2–Completely ugly people attempting to “pet” each other clothes on in the bar
2–Chimichangas that my stomach thoroughly enjoyed both then and the next day
1–New Year!!

Sunday:  Ran 4 miles (quickly might I add) in the early morning Toledo rain.  Chimichanga attempted to win.  I didn’t let it.  Drove back to Sandtown.  Watched the Browns.  Ate some pizza.  Life is good.

Happy Running!


2 thoughts on “Ringing in 2012

  1. Happy New Year!!!!!!! I want to hear this thong story, does it compare to the diaper story?

    • it does slightly although mike was not eating thongs as opposed to what you may be thinking…slightly drunk female cindy lou who lookalike couldnt seem to understand that short skirts aren’t good for leaning over, diving across laps, picking stuff off the ground…etc

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