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I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie


So one of my favorite Christmas presents this year was receiving the Kinect for Xbox.  Today I decided to spend a gift card on a new game: Dance Central 2.  Having played many an interactive game before (Rock Band, Guitar Hero, Donkey Kong Bongos–i.e. THE ORIGINAL SWEET INTERACTIVE GAME IN WHICH NO ONE COULD BEAT ME) I figured it wouldn’t be too hard.

Holy lack of coordination, Eli.

Dance Central is fun and freaking challenging.  Not to mention, my legs didn’t particularly enjoy it after having just placed myself through a killer workout.   I played only on Easy mode and managed to 4-5 star everything but the picture reel at the end doesn’t lie.  I usually envision myself being this is secret amazing dancer who could win “So You Think You Can Dance?” if I ever tried out.  Sadly, I am mistaken.

This is how I imagine I look while dancing, minus the crap Paint editing

What I usually look like while dancing...Not artistic. Not hot. And 100% Kissy Face.

Speaking of workouts, today was Day #4 of my 30 Day Challenge.  So far, so good.  When I attempted the #RWChallenge it took until about day 10 before soreness started to hit.  Today’s workout involved all of the following:
1) 30 minute Fartlek=3.8 miles
2) Hamstring Curls 50# x30
3) Leg Press 180# 3×20
4) Toe Press 180# x50
5) Leg Extension 40# x30
6) Walking Lunges 2 laps
7) Squat Jumps x20
8) Plyo Box Jumps x20
9) Core Stability exercises on the Swiss Ball

Why did I keep track of all of this total and utter nonsense?!  Because my New Year’s Resolution to myself is to become “whole body fit”.  I realize cardio exercise is my strength.  But my goal for 2012 is to begin incorporating total body fitness into my life.  Which means hitting up the weights, working on plyometrics, and working on agility.  Since my current agile state is equivalent of a young, wooly mammoth.

What be this lateral type movement? I only move forwards and backwards...Eek!

Happy Running!


2 thoughts on “I Like Big Butts and I Cannot Lie

  1. I am so coming over to play your kinects

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