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Running Streak

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So, I have never been one to be up on all the latest trends (case in point, my cell phone still can’t send or receive picture messages).  So it comes as no surprise that I suffered major delay in coming across Runner’s World Holiday Running Streak

**Also yes, i do have a subscription to Runner’s World which makes the fact that I major lag failed on this even worse**

Needless to say, I only started my personal run streak 8 days ago.  So far, minus some quad soreness and a flare-up of PFPS in my right knee (nothing a quick tape job by a well trusted physical therapist can’t fix **cough cough myself cough cough**), things are going super.  Today I was super excited to do a run outside since I have not ventured beyond the dreadmill in about 2 weeks.

The weather was amazing.  45 degrees in December?  That makes for a happy Eli.

Too excited to go run

Weapon of choice: Asics Nimbus. Yes that is a D-Tag on my shoe. I refuse to take it off since my last race so I can "trick" myself into thinking I'm racing everyday. It's not working.

I was planning on doing a nice, easy run since my legs were only a little sore after yesterday’s 5 mile run.  However, the weather got to me and my legs decided they wanted to go fast…Ricky Bobby style.

So I did 4 miles at a 7:50 clip.  Which is faster than I usually train.  Maybe this Running Streak is actually doing some good.  Or maybe my hair was just more aerodynamic today in order to cut down on wind resistance.  I am personally leaning towards the hair.

My hair only makes me slightly over 6'0" right?

Happy Running!


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