Running Through a Fulfilled Life

The New Year (a little early)


I am no newbie to blogging.  In fact, I have maintained a Xanga site since probably the inception of blogging (fun factoid: that means 2003 in my world).  However, I feel like I have outgrown Xanga and its horrendous amount of high school bloggers and stupid content.  So, I have decided to switch over to a more mature format and just as I have transitioned from the soccer field over to being a runner… that means a shift in the focus of my content.  And what better to focus on then my favorite activity (running) and favorite title (super awesome wife person).

If you are ever interested in reading of where I came from in the blogosphere, my old entries can be found here

I am a personal fan of the years 2004-2005 where my best works of celebrity criticizing occurred.

But to start out, I feel like I should put out there my resume of sports/athletic achievements and what got me to where I am today:

  • Played soccer in both high school and college.  Loved it.  However, my current location in the world doesn’t allow me to be able to play as much.  In fact I am probably ranked the #1 female soccer player in the area.  No one voted me it, I am just declaring that fact.
  •  Started running to drop weight post-college in 2008.  Running was a means to losing 20 pounds.
  • Ran my first 5K post-collegiate career in 2009.  I will never forget how terrible I was sucking wind.  26:58.  And I thought I was going fast then.  
  • I stuck with it though.  And recorded my first 10K (54:09) and Half Marathon (1:59:05) in 2009
  • Not satisfied with just finishing races, I decided to start progressing to being competitive.  I wanted to be an age grouper!
  • In the meantime of channeling my inner runner, I got married this past June to the love of my life!  Hubs is my perfect match.  He supports me and will occasionally run races with me, but he still does all of the things he enjoys doing.  I love that he is still the same man I fell in love with years ago.

My current PR Stats:

  1. 5K:  22:57  Canalway Classic 2011
  2. 4 Miler: 29:58 Great Pumpkin 4 Miler 2010
  3. 5 Miler: 40:31 North Canton July 4th Race 2011
  4. 10K: 50:09 Wooster Wellness 2011
  5. Half Marathon: 1:52:43  Halloween Half Marathon 2011

What I find most encouraging about my journey is that I am still improving and have not even touched where I can go with this.  So here is to what 2012 brings.

**Hint hint…my big spring half marathon will be taking me back to my old stomping grounds in Toledo…**


Happy Running!



2 thoughts on “The New Year (a little early)

  1. I was thinking about doing this race!!!!!! Well still thinking about it 🙂

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